Thursday, July 28, 2011

Quilting Friends

While looking for a particular photo, I ran across photos of my Quilting Friends on retreat.  We were in the home of one of the members in Big Bear, California.  Debbie always made us feel special in her home.  We would find goodies on our beds at night, a fat quarter or something sweet to satisfy our cravings.  She would allow us to invade her home and in 3 days make or finish as many projects as we possibly could.  I seemed to talk more than sew....I loved the fellowship.  One member would make more than I could make in 3 months.  Ahhhhh the memories.  I can almost smell the pine trees now.  Let me share some photos with you.
The Wednesday Girls

Our stuff is everywhere!!

The chain that reached across the room

The Wednesday Girls Slippers.  What a deal....$3.00 at the drug store.  Fun Fun!!

That's what I'm talking about...Bernina and Cheese Cake, yum!

Some of the finished Quilt Tops.

More Quilt Tops

I am a bit melancholy because this weekend there is a big Quilt Festival in Long Beach and I know they are all going to be there.  So a shout out to my Wednesday Girls....Thanks for the Memories!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Quilt Guild of Greater Houston

The meeting at the Quilt Guild of Greater Houston were Fabulous!!!  We had so much fun talking about my favorite subject...Cliffsbear and Matty Moose.  I was certain that the quilters of Texas were not interested in Bears and Moose until I met these ladies and gentlemen.  

Show and Tell

Now it's my turn

 The Original Cliffsbear Quilt

'Matty Takes a Wife' quilt. 
As I am describing this quilt and telling the story about the forest animals so excited that they wanted to give the couple a moonlight wedding. They decorated the trees with sparkly netting and if you listen real closely you can hear them singing....By the light of the silvery Moose! As I was saying this the Guild started singing with me. What a Hoot. We all laughed!!!
Great time, Thanks all!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Quilt Guild of Greater Houston

Friday July 15, 2011 I will be a Guest at the Quilt Guild of Greater Houston.  I will be sharing about my Quilt Pattern Business, Boulder Creek Designs that began in 2005.  Since I spent most of my life living in California near the San Bernardino Mountains I fell in love with the North Woods style.  Our Quilt Patterns reflect a North Woods flair and more.  Cliffsbear© is our main character.  He is a lovable little Bear with an adventurous spirit.  You will also find Matty Moose© a playful character who will steal your heart.  Surprises await the two as each join themselves in Marriage and team up for family vacations.  

For this meeting only, they will be meeting at the Christ Memorial Lutheran Church at 14200 Memorial Drive at 10:00 in the Morning.  If you are in the area come on out and meet me. 

Here's a hint about our new quilt: "One Christ-Moose Eve"??