Monday, February 25, 2013

Times Marches on....

Back in October I was going to post pictures of our new quilts but, here it is the end of February heading into March.  Can it be that time is moving faster than ever? 

Meet the Family!
  As you can see Matty Moose and McKenzie finally had a family.  Twin girls!  Mandie Moose and Little 'L'.  Mom and Pop are proud parents.  Patterns are available for this wall quilt that measures 34" X 34"
And Bears, Oh My!
I love how this one came out!  The medium Cliffsbear is pieced for added interest using a fabulous plaid.  The Paw within a Paw Block can be turned in any direction to please you.  Patterns are available for this fun wall banner or table runner.  Measures 24" X 47"