Monday, March 28, 2011

Sulky of America

Each year Sulky of America offers Teacher's Training Classes across the United States.  There are Nine projects, each with several techniques, to show teachers how to use all of the Sulky Products.  This year I am happy to announce they have chosen my new Pillow Quilt Pattern as one of the projects.  All my proceeds for this pattern go to Home of Hope-Texas.  The Home of Hope-Texas will provide help, training and long-term rehabilitation for those victimized by sex trafficking, and restore freedom and dignity to their lives.  A worthy project if you are looking for a place to donate: 

 Here's what Sulky of America said about our Pillow Quilt: 


We found this adorable Pillow/Quilt at the Houston International Quilt Market in the Boulder Creek Designs booth.  Diane Kleinhans designed this simple pattern with 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the patterns going to the "Home of Hope-Texas". This is a home that will house girls and women rescued from Human Trafficking. It's real and it's happening in her city and probably yours.

Boulder Creek Designs

Made with 'House Mouse' Fabric
To see all the projects or consider signing up for the training go to:

Thursday, March 24, 2011

This is my Great Grandma!!  At the age of 90 she made my daughter a quilt when she was born.  She also crocheted her a kitty cat that went everywhere. I so wish I knew the value of heirlooms then.  The quilt was nothing special...squares of flannel sewn together and then tied but, those hands were special.  I think about this face and remember her sweetness and her hands always busy crocheting something.  She is now making heavenly quilts for all to see when one day we walk through those gates.  Miss you sweet Grandma.....
   These little cuties are my cousins wearing my first project in 7th Grade Sewing Class.  Oh my 45 years ago.  I later made a pleated shirt with boxed and knife pleats.  Memories.  Let me know about your first project.