Monday, November 21, 2016

Finally Fall

My last post was in July.  How can one person actually be that busy.  No Excuses, Diane!  I want to post a photo of our new quilt, 'Cliffsbear Goes Mod'.  Cliffsbear wanted to star on a Quilt that was modern and bright.  He is a fun type of guy that always plays within the written rules he makes for himself.  So I was a bit surprise at how well he looks in his new suit of clothes on this quilt.

Yes, we were at Fall Quilt Market in Houston this year.  We took a break from markets and shows for a while, but we are back.  Fun time was had by all.  I especially like the people you meet at Market.  On one side of our booth was "Plum Easy Patterns",  and on the other side was "Bouncing Bobbins"  You may want to look at their products.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What you see is what you get!

So I realized it has been a very long time since I last posted and news about Bears and Moose.  The beginning of the year didn't go exactly how we had planned.  My husband, the namesake for the Bears, got very ill and had emergency surgery to correct a hyatel hernia.  He was in the hospital for 3 weeks and has recovered rather nicely since.

To all of our Template fans, I want to say THANK YOU for loving them as much as we do.  The whole reasoning behind creating the Templates was to help your quilting experience with our beloved Bears, Moose and Trees, a fun and pleasurable one.  As you know most all of our patterns have a story about Cliffsbear or Matty Moose in the forest with Trees.  I'm thankful for many who experienced the journey with me and my crazy imagination.  When Matty Moose got Married in 'Matty Takes a Wife', you could almost hear the forest animals singing to the newlyweds: By the Light of the Silvery Moose!

A few things have come to my attention and I want to take this time to respond openly to the issues.  I want to make it clear about our templates, that they were not designed as Long Arm quilting rulers. Although our acrylic is high quality, our thickness is not the thickness needed to be a Long Arm Quilting Rulers.  Many have asked.  To get the design on you quilt with a long arm, it is advised to trace the shape onto the Quilt top.

When you purchase one of our Templates, the header tells you what you are purchasing.  We include a 'Basic Template Instructions' with all our Templates.  Four of our templates are constructed in the same manner.  So you will find on the Large Matty Moose Template, the instruction says for the Regular and Large Matty Moose.  The same is true for our Big Bear and Medium Bear Templates.  Those 2 bears are the only ones that can be made with the paper pieced option.  So the Little Bear instruction sheet tell you haw to construct this bear without the paper pieced option.  The instruction sheet has nothing to do with the size of template you are purchasing.  If you purchase a Large Moose, he will be a Large Moose on you quilt.  For the Regular Moose size (as shown above) please purchase a Regular size Moose, etc.  A Regular sized Moose cannot be made from a Large Moose Template, also true for the Bears.  Remember, What you see is what you get!