Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Quilters Club of America

Today I joined "Quilters Club of America" designed by quilters for quiters.  Jodie Davis is the Chief Quilting Enabler and there is definitely a Fons and Porter Flare.  A few years ago my Quilter Friend, Cindee Ferris (a very talented long arm quilter http://www.cindeeferris.com/ ) and I used to joke about being the new Fons and Porter team of Kleinhans and Ferris. Doesn't quite roll off the tongue like Fons and Porter.  Oh well, we will just stick to the names we have and wander through the quilt world with Cliffsbear and Matty Moose.  To join Quilter's Club of America go to  http://www.quiltersclubofamerica.com/
There are lots to see and learn: Show and Tell, Community Blog, Video Tips, Quilters Recipes, and much, much more.