Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20th Already!!

Oh My Goodness, it's January 20th already!  I know we were all just trying to keep warm and rest up from the Christmas Holidays.  At Church last night, someone mentioned she was going to finish taking down the rest of her Christmas decorations.  I didn't even put one of my skinny pre-lit pine trees up.  Next year I will do things different.  I found myself working so hard that I missed everything.  It's time to slow down and smell the frost on the windshield.  Yes, it has been frosty in the mornings here in Houston.  I have to gobble up as much cold air as I can before May.  Why, you ask?  Summers in Houston can be challenging and I'm not a hot weather type of gal!  But for now, I'm a happy camper!  (Oh, I don't camp either hee hee!)

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